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Product: Avocado variety July Cuatro Caminos, Gobin, Catalina. Quality requirements (NC 572: 2007) Be whole. To be healthy, they should be excluded produce affected by rotting or deterioration rendering it unfit for consumption. Be clean, practically free of any foreign matter visible. be


Product: Fresh Pineapple variety MD2 Packaging: Open top cardboard boxes (+ 12-15% kg) palletized according to NC 517: 2007 - Recommended International Code of Practice for Packaging and transportation of fresh fruit and vegetables Quality: Variety MD-2 SPECIFICATION In all classes, subject to the


Product: Fresh Mango, Tommy Atkins variety Product Specifications Mangos Tommy Atkins varieties, harvested from late May to July, with its own external coloring of the variety, healthy, selected, washed, rinsed with chlorinated water, tarpaulins and treated fungicide, with soft bright yellow pulp of


Product: Lime Persian General characteristics of quality for Lime Persian: Healthy fruit carefully harvested in the months of May to July, with dark or light green external color (typical of the variety Selected cultivated in tropical) conditions, washed, brushed, with applying wax to the water and


Variety: Spicy Habanero pepper red and yellow Technical Features: It is known that the fruit is suitable for harvest when it reaches its optimal size depending on the variety and when skin reaches its brightest. Packaging: Cardboard boxes open top of ± 3kgs How chili benefits: Once the frui
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