Company incorporated in Spain with Swiss capital, credited like a subsidiary of the Chamber of commerce of cuba since the year 2000 and in the development of its business has evolved systematically according to the demands imposed by the international market of charcoal.
GLIOLA branch, S.L. in Cuba, it has its official address in Calle 13 #416 entre F y G, Vedado, La Habana, Cuba. Postal Code 10100, phone +53 56986672, email:
The company has close contractual links to the export of charcoal with Cuban foreign trade enterprises CARIBBEAN AND CITRUS CUBAEXPORT since 2002, in which thousands of tons of this product are hired each year. This link has also enabled us to support production companies regarding the transfer of know-how, advice and supply of technologies and inputs.
Although our product excellence constitutes the charcoal, we are currently managing the export of other products of Cuban origin such as: Tropical fruits and vegetables, which highlights the pineapple, avocado, hot pepper, Persian lime etc; and honey, rum, café, etc.

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