2.1 Physico-chemical specifications
Soluble Solids (or Brix) 14 min.
Valuable Acidity (% Citric Acid) 0.19 – 0.64
Ph (U pH) 3.7 – 4.3
Ascorbic acid (mg / Kg) 300 min
2.2 Organoleptic specifications
Appearance: Intense yellow to intense orange color. Homogeneous. Practically
free of small particles of the fruit.
Smell: Defined mango, natural aroma, fresh.
Flavor: Defined as processed mango in adequate state of maturity. Highlight
of sweet notes depending on the variety. A slight aftertaste of the resin of the
Texture: Moderate fluidity, with body. Slight resinosity.
2.3 Microbiological specifications
HF and yeast count (col / ml, maximum) 0
Total count of mesophilic aerobic microorganisms
(col / ml, maximum) 0
3. Test methods
For the evaluation of the quality indices of the finished product, the
test methods defined in the following procedures:
P L / 01 ¨ Determination of soluble solids content¨
P L / 02 ¨Determination of assessable acidity¨
P L / 05 ¨ Determination of the content of ascorbic acid¨
P L / 11 ¨Determination of the pH index¨
P L / 23 Determination of the total count of viable mesophilic aerobic microorganisms¨
P L / 24 ¨Determination of mold count¨

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