Product: Fresh Pineapple variety MD2

Packaging: Open top cardboard boxes (+ 12-15% kg) palletized according to NC 517: 2007 – Recommended International Code of Practice for Packaging and transportation of fresh fruit and vegetables
Quality: Variety MD-2


In all classes, subject to the special provisions for each class and the tolerances allowed, the fresh pineapples shall:

  • Whole, with or without the crown.
  • Sound, produce affected by rotting or deterioration do not they are fit for consumption;
  • Clean, practically free of any visible foreign matter; – Practically free of pests affecting the general appearance of product;
  • Practically free from damage caused by pests;
  • Free of abnormal external moisture, excluding condensation following removal from cold storage
  • Free of any foreign smell and / or taste strange;
  • Fresh in appearance, including the crown, which should be free Free from damage caused by low and / or high temperatures
  • Free of internal dark spots.
  • Free of pronounced blemishes.


  • When a peduncle, its length should not exceed 2.0 cm, and the cut must be transversal, straight and clean. The fruit must be physiologically mature, it ie no sign of immaturity (opacity, lack of flavor, pulp too porous) or excessive maturity (pulp too translucent or fermented).


The minimum total soluble solids content in the fruit flesh should be at least 12 ° Brix (twelve Brix). To determine Brix shall be a representative sample of the juice (juice) the whole fruit.
Selection Methods They are selected for their quality using two (2) methods:
Color method:
COLOR 3: fruitlets Most (over 75%) filled with yellow to the brim
COLOR 4: All fruitlets full of yellow with few green areas including well defined. COLOR 5: All fruitlets full of yellow, but with green trace between fruitlets.
METHODS translucency: Realizing you doing tests in situ measurements of translucency, acidity and Brix. Provisions concerning Tolerances 3% percent by weight of the fruits and in up to 5% other defects.

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