Product: Avocado variety July Cuatro Caminos, Gobin, Catalina.

Quality requirements (NC 572: 2007)

  • Be whole.
  • To be healthy, they should be excluded produce affected by rotting or deterioration rendering it unfit for consumption.
  • Be clean, practically free of any foreign matter visible.
  • be practically free of pests affecting the general appearance of the product. • practically free from damage caused by pests.
  • free of abnormal external moisture, excluding condensation following removal from cold storage.
  • Being free of any foreign smell and / or taste.
  • Be free from damage caused by low temperature.
  • Having a peduncle length not exceeding 10 mm, cut cleanly, However, its absence is not considered a defect provided the place of the stalk attachment is dry and intact.


  • The product is transported in clean vehicles, with no parties sharp.
    Transportation should be avoided at times of increased incidence Solar. It was also comply with the provisions of the NC454 and NC455
    The vehicle used for the transport can not contain traces of pesticides and toxic substances.
  • The boxes are handled with care, avoiding drag and beat them

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