1. Variety: Spicy Habanero pepper red and yellow
  2. Technical Features: It is known that the fruit is suitable for harvest when it reaches its optimal size depending on the variety and when skin reaches its brightest.
  3. Packaging: Cardboard boxes open top of ± 3kgs
  4. How chili benefits: Once the fruit has its physiological maturity, which is acquired when does the typical uniform color variety, are collected by separating the fruit preserving plant peduncle to ± 3 cm and placed in plastic or cardboard boxes for transfer to the profit center.
  5. Benefit: the firmness of each fruit is checked, cleaned of dust or any visible, free of any substance affected by pests or damage mechanical. Later they differ in color and size, giving resulting in two qualities: Select and Premium Quality.
  6. Quality: Selecta (Extra): fruit of 50-30 grams. First quality: 25 to 20 grams per fruit.
  7. Season: October to May
  8. Conservation: + 10 ° C and 85-90% humidity Period shelf 10 days
  9. Harvest: This is done by market and destination Rayon and pintón Mature (red and yellow). One of the main requirements for harvesting for export is always reap the peduncle green. Two categories are harvested. select chili peppers 30 grams per first fruit and 20 grams per fruit.

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