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VG Vegetables Goods AG / ex Gliola SA Company incorporated in Switzerland and in the development of its business has evolved systematically according to the demands imposed by the international market of charcoal. The rapid concentration of its business in European territory and Middle Eastern countries; the flexibility and speed of response to the growing demands of an increasingly competitive market ... [+]

VG Vegetables Goods AG - Headquarters
Via Generoso N. 7 Canton de Ticino. Lugano, Switzerland
Phone: +41 435002260

Subsidiary Chamber of Commerce in Cuba
Calle 13 #416 entre F y G, Vedado
La Habana, Cuba
Phone: +41 435002260 Phone: +43 6645184410 Mob: +53 55118800



Our handmade charcoal is made from species of hardwoods and semi of the highest quality as Marabou, Llana, Júcaro, Bellows, Citrus, Casuarina and Eucalyptus.

This coupled with the high degree of professionalism and expertise of our employees and producers, ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers, for more details see the technical specifications of our products.

Charcoal is a solid combustible material obtained from wood heating to temperatures around 700 degrees Celsius in the absence of air.

This production process begins in the furnace; in the case of traditional craft oven, it is a process that takes place in the open.

First stacked wood with straw and earth lining; then the wood burns slowly for 10 to 12 days to become charcoal.

The conversion between the amount of wood used and the amount of resulting charcoal is about 4 tons of firewood coal 1.5.

Once extracted coal furnaces is transferred to profit centers, where it is selected or benefits manually or with machines, and finally is packed in polypropylene bags of 15 or 20 Kg conveniently sealed by hand or using sewing machines.


During the last 10 years, VG Vegetables Goods AG has maintained a branch in Cuban territory, where various specialists to ensure control and supervision of the quality of this exportable item, maintaining regular contacts with Cuban producers and exporters working.

Our company has maintained over the years a strong and growing trade relationship with its European customers, and has established important niches in the markets of Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, Cyprus and Kuwait. VG AG offers tracking and tracing containers. Select shipping company.

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VG Vegetables Goods AG develop a comprehensive strategy for its successful integration into international markets and marketing of authentic fresh or processed vegetables and other products that identify the distinctive and typical tropical flavor, with the highest quality and in balance with the environment fruit.